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Vector art defined

Vector art is any digital artwork in which the shapes in the art are represented by mathematical equations within a computer. Geometric shapes like lines, waves, single points and curves are placed together by the artist to create an illustration while the computer keeps track of each item’s location, curve and relative proportion to the…

Graphic Design Principle #1

Design: Organizing Elements There are only a very few “elements” of design, and the graphic design process can be thought of as the meaningful organization of these elements. The elements of design, and their interactions, determine the visual character of every part of a design: type, text, graphics, backgrounds, etc. Good design begins, simply, with…

Stride for Strays, October 2012

Stride for Strays Event Logo Design

Event design project for Stride for Strays, a 3k fundraising walk, to be held at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in October, hosted by the Animal Coalition of Tampa, a non-profit organization dedicated to low cost surgical and medical services for animals. We were selected as the design firm because of our energetic approach to design.  

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